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Nokia AirScale RRH 4T4R B7 160 W (AHHB)

The Nokia AirScale RRH B7 160 W (AHHB) is a radio frequency heater with a power output of 160 watts. The unit is suitable for heating rooms as well as outdoor spaces.

You can find the installation manual for the Nokia AirScale RRH B7 160 W (AHHB) on the product page of your device.

Technical specifications:

Radiounit 4T4R B7 160 W (AHHB) 474252a

Installation Mechanica:

The installation mechanica is very simple and easy to use. It comes with a user manual that you can follow to install the antenna on your vehicle. The antenna has an anti-vibration design, which reduces any movement of your vehicle while driving. This prevents accidents due to vibrations caused by the radio waves generated by this device. The air scale has four wires connected to it: two power supply lines and two data lines that connect directly with your car’s electronics system; thus giving you full control over all functions of the unit from within its interface menu or from within the settings menu itself (depending on whether you have purchased an aftermarket version).

Technical specifications:

The Nokia AirScale RRH B7 160 W (AHHB) is a bi-directional base station with integrated antenna, which can be used to connect the radio user equipment (RUE) to the core network. It has four ports: two for transmitting and two for receiving.

It supports SCO – Single Carrier Operation mode, which allows you to operate in one frequency band within one carrier bandwidth. In this mode, data transmission takes place over only a single channel at each time slot of 1/4th speed or 2/3rd speed (dependent on type). The maximum number of channels supported by this device is 48; however if more than 48 channels are needed then it would be necessary to add additional hardware components such as transceiver modules from other manufacturers or even multiplexers from third party suppliers depending upon what kind of system architecture they are designing

Nokia AirScale RRH B7 160 W (AHHB) 474252a

Installation mechanica

Technical specifications 474252a

The Nokia AirScale RRH B7 160 W (AHHB) is a portable radio with a range of up to 10 km, which allows you to stay in touch with your loved ones wherever they may be. The device comes with an internal battery that can be recharged via USB or solar power.

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