474212A AEQA AirScale MAA 64T64R 192AE B42 200W

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Nokia’s AirScale baseband plug-in modules are designed to deliver an engrossing user experience and cater to advanced enterprise needs that require exceptionally high bandwidth

always leveraging cutting-edge, eco-friendly technology. AirScale baseband safeguards your investment by ensuring that both existing and newly-introduced cards integrate effortlessly and function in unison.

The most recent additions to the AirScale baseband capacity plug-ins set new industry benchmarks with their high and ultra-high performance capabilities.

Remarkably, the ultra-high performance card not only supports twice as many cell connections but also halves the power usage, enabling significant scale-up and facilitating the expansion of site configurations.

The updated control plug-in card, which orchestrates baseband control functions and manages high-speed data transfer, is geared towards advancing 5G technology. It achieves a doubling of data throughput capacities, ensures speedy connections for sites, and slashes energy requirements by as much as 80 percent.

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