Nokia Base Station Cables on-stock

Multi-mode optical fiber cables used between System Modules, RF Modules, RRHs and junction boxes.

Flexi RRH System fiber MM 20 m , Flexi System fiber HF 50 m -> Ask Sales for Prices and Devilery time !!

471743ANOKIA1000 FSFD
471707A NOKIA1000 FSFF
471708ANOKIA1000 FSFG
471709ANOKIA1000 FSFH 
471710ANOKIA1000 FSFI 
471711ANOKIA1000 FSFB
471395A NOKIA1000 FSFK
471396A NOKIA1000 FSFC
471712ANOKIA1000 FSFP
471851ANOKIA1000 FSFO
471852ANOKIA1000 FSFQ
472131ANOKIA1000 FSFE
472844ANOKIA1000 FSFM
472845ANOKIA1000 FSFN
472066ANOKIA1000 FSOA
472134ANOKIA1000 FSOB
472135ANOKIA1000 FSOC
471964ANOKIA1000 FYTF
472136ANOKIA1000 FSOE
471965ANOKIA1000 FYTG
473078ANOKIA1000 FSFS
473079ANOKIA1000 FSFT
473086ANOKIA1000 FSFV
473080ANOKIA1000 FSFU
472842ANOKIA1000 FSOD
473284ANOKIA1000 FUFAO
473285ANOKIA1000 FUFAP
473287ANOKIA1000 FUFAR
473305ANOKIA1000 FUFBC
473303ANOKIA1000 FUFBA
473304ANOKIA1000 FUFBB
473302ANOKIA1000 FUFAY
473306ANOKIA1000 FUFBD
473767ANOKIA1000 FUFBV
473768ANOKIA1000 FUFBX
473769ANOKIA1000 FUFBZ
473325ANOKIA1000 FUTDT
473324ANOKIA1000 FUTDS
473322ANOKIA1000 FUTDQ
473323ANOKIA1000 FUTDR
473326ANOKIA1000 FUTDU
473286ANOKIA1000 FUFAQ
473332ANOKIA1000 FUFBT
473333ANOKIA1000 FUFBU
473334ANOKIA1000 FUFBY
473336ANOKIA1000 FUFCB
473335ANOKIA1000 FUFCA